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What is a Backhaul?

As a form of transport, backhaul trucking is the practice of transporting cargo on a return trip instead of returning empty. Basically, after a truck delivers its original cargo, it picks up and carries another commercial load on its way back to its origin.

Benefits of Backhauling

Backhauling increases the efficiency of carrier operations, leaving them with increased profits. To illustrate the benefit of backhauls, let’s review examples without and with backhaul.

Example Without Backhaul

Say, a truck trip from Tucson to Los Angeles covering 390 miles would cost $182 (assuming a mileage per gallon (MPG) of 7.5 and the price of diesel is $3.50 per gallon). Considering other expenses, the trucker charges the client $650 for the delivery.

It also costs $182 to return the truck to Tucson delivering the load, bringing the total delivery expense to $364 ($182 for the trip to Los Angeles + $182 for the empty return trip to Tucson). As a result, the trucker makes a profit of $286 ($650 – $364).

Example With Backhaul

By leveraging the benefit of backhauling, the trucker can find an additional shipper who wants to transport freight from Los Angeles to Tucson. Since there are many other bidders and a trucker wants to take the load on his way back, he charges $450 for the trip.

Now, instead of driving back to Tucson empty, he can now backload freight from Los Angeles to Tucson. This way, he can maximize efficiency and get a higher profit of $736 ($286 from an initial trip + $450 from a return trip).


By leveraging a backhaul strategy, the carrier in the example above could generate 250% more profit compared to returning with an empty trailer.

  Without Backhaul With Backhaul
Profit: Initial Trip $286 $286
Profit: Return Trip $0 $450
Total Return $286 $736 (250% increase)

Manage Backhauls With Freight Logix

While backhauling is an excellent way to save valuable resources, planning routes for effective backhauling can drain your time and energy.

Meanwhile, at Freight Logix, we have a large network of shippers looking for carriers like you to deliver their freight. It’s our job to connect you with the right shippers for your backhaul trips. With just a single call, you’ll know if current shipper loads align with your trucks’ routes.

When you partner with Freight Logix, our experts will help you manage backhauls from A to Z. Specifically, we will find the right shippers for your backhauls, plan return trips, and trace the routes for transported loads. In other words, we’ll make sure your trucks don’t return empty. As freight brokers, our top priority in backhauling is to help you achieve maximum efficiency.

Lastly, we can plan backhauling opportunities for you in advance, allowing you to plan your schedule, allocate resources accordingly, and predict profits.

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