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Whether you’re looking for a way to increase efficiency in your warehouse or yard, you should consider trailer spotting. The service also helps you reduce costs, save time, and even increase customer satisfaction.

What is Trailer Spotting?

Trailer spotting service is used to assist with moving trailers around the yard. It’s the act of placing a truck at a specific site a consignor or consignee defines and detaching the trailer from the tractor.

A driver is trained to pick up trailers loaded with cargo and transport them to the docking door so that they can be unloaded. Truck drivers then depart the yard after loading trailers.

Why Trailer Spotting?

Less Down Time

When a shipper has a high volume of freight, they may need to keep the load moving on a daily basis. A carrier can enter the yard, drop a trailer, and pick up their daily load. The empty trailer is waiting for products to come off the production line. This reduces downtime because when a driver drops one trailer, another is waiting for him.

Trailer spotting can help a warehouse reach its peak efficiency. It ensures that loads arrive on time, are emptied quickly, and trailers are positioned where they should be. This is convenient for both shippers and carriers.

Flexible Scheduling

Things in warehouses are constantly changing, and when there are fixed schedules, it can cause issues. To keep warehouse operations running smoothly, you need flexible scheduling.

Scheduling in the yard is also important. And adopting a dynamic appointment management technology provides the flexibility needed to optimally use all personnel.

Improved Yard Management

With trailer spotting services, you can improve yard management and increase the efficiency of your entire supply chain. Yard management includes the following:

  • Organizing truck movements in your warehouse yard
  • Scheduling and conducting unloading
  • Loading operations at the docs
  • Asset movement tracking

When a carrier comes to pick up a load at your warehouse, it’s essential to manage each step properly to achieve maximum efficiency.


Planning and tracking daily yard operations manually consume a lot of time and can be error-prone. Automating these processes helps you facilitate scheduling and monitor goods and equipment. It also enables you to make efficient decisions by showing you real-time information.

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